Who We Are

The Friends of McNabs Island Society is a volunteer, non-profit, registered charity, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, that is dedicated to the preservation of McNabs, Lawlor and Devils Islands. The islands are located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia. These harbour islands provide a glimpse into Nova Scotia's colorful past and unspoiled natural beauty. We were incorporated in March of 1990 with the objective to promoting the islands as Parkland. In November, 2002 McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park was established.

The Friends of McNabs Island promote McNabs Island as a Nature Park and Outdoor Classroom. We host events on McNabs Island such as picnics, nature and historical tours, and annual beach clean-ups. The society produces maps and brochures, the popular guidebook Discover McNabs Island, island posters and newsletters. We maintain the trails with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Parks Canada.

The Society’s Board, consisting of interested community members, oversee the organization’s events, activities and budget. The current list of Board members are available here.