The Park

McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park is comprised of McNabs and Lawlor Islands located at the entrance of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scoita. Accessible only by boat, McNabs is a popular spot for hikers, boaters, history buffs , nature lovers and folks wanting some quiet natural beauty very close to the city center. Lawlor Island is a reserved natural area and not open to the public.

McNabs Island
McNabs Island is the larger island and boasts numerous hiking trails, historical sites, such as Fort McNab Natural Historical Site, stunning view lines of the harbour and downtown Halifax, abandoned Victorian Gardens, wildlife, and natural beauty. The Park was established in 2002. The bulk of McNabs Island is owned by the province of which the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources is responsible. Park Canada manages Fort McNab National Historical Site and its immediate surroundings. A few small plots on the island are still owned by private parties and should not be trespassed upon.

Lawlor Island
Lawlor Island is 55 ha in size and located opposite MacCormicks Beach in Eastern Passage. The island is mainly forested and supports a colony of Great Blue Heron and many Osprey. Deer are often seen grazing in the fields on the island.
Lawlor Island was farmed for nearly 100 years until 1870 when it was acquired for use as a quarantine station and hospital.
Further information about the Park can be found on the Department of Natural Resources Provincial Park’s webpage at: