Ghost Gear of McNabs Island

Friends of McNabs Island Society presents the film:
Ghost Gear of McNabs Island

Ghost gear - lost and abandoned fishing gear - is a serious problem in our oceans and on our shores. This film explores the reasons why fishing gear becomes lost and looks at some of the ways the problem can be mitigated. The film also follows the efforts the Friends of McNabs Island Society, a registered charity based in Nova Scotia, in assessing the scale of the problem and dealing with it at a local level.

Narrator: Olga Milosevich
Research & Storyline: Zach MacMillan Kenny and Jerry Lockett
Videography: Jerry Lockett
Animation: Jenna Marks

The film was made possible through a grant from Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Special thanks to all the volunteers who helped by removing ghost gear fisheries garbage from McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park over the years.