Island Overview

McNabs Island is the larger and more diverse of the two islands in the McNabs and Lawlor Island Provincial Park. McNabs is about 5 km long and up to 1.5 km wide. Its 400 ha (1000 acres) present a combination of historical and natural features, and recreational and educational opportunities. Visitors come by commercial or private boat and most land at either Garrison Pier or Wreck Cove.

The historical features include military forts that were established early in Halifax’s history as part of the Halifax Defence Complex. Two extensive examples are Fort McNab, a national historic site, and Fort Ives. There are also many historical habitations of island residents that still remain (but not open to the public) such as the Davis-Conrad and Mathew Lynch houses.

Many visitors also take advantage of numerous hiking trails that network across the island. Garrison Road, running the island’s length connects most of the island’s highlights. As the human impact is reduced compared to the mainland nearby, there are also opportunities to view rarer wildlife and native flora. Geo-caching sites can also be found.