Visitor Notes

McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park is a natural environment park with limited services. Enjoy your visit, keeping the following in mind:.

  • As at many exposed coastal sites, the weather tends to be variable and cooler than on the nearby mainland.
  • Drinking water is not available on the island.
  • Composting toilets are situated at several locations on the island.
  • Keep the island clean by following the “pack-in” and “pack-out” motto. Please take your garbage off the island when you leave.
  • Beaches are NOT supervised.
  • Bicycles, including mountain bikes, are restricted to the main roads, Garrison and Old Military Roads; Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • There is one camping area on the island located near Garrison Pier and the Teahouse. Campers MUST contact NS Department of Natural Resources in Waverley (902-861-2560) during weekday office hours to register to camp on the island. Please use “no-trace” camping practices and note that campfires are prohibited.
  • Consumption of alcohol and bonfires on the island is prohibited.
  • Help protect the island’s natural and cultural heritage. Do not damage or remove trees, shrubs or plants, or disturb any buildings or ruins on the island. Removal of any artifacts from the island is strictly prohibited.
  • Hunting is prohibited on McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park.
  • Visit the island at your own risk. There are NO emergency facilities or telephones. Remember that the old forts, wharves and other ruins may contain hazards.
  • Private boats must dock on the south side of Garrison Pier. The floating dock on the north side of the pier is for charter boats and water taxis dropping off passengers.