10.5 Fort Hugonin

Hugonin Battery, situated a few hundred yards south of Ives Point Battery, was constructed in 1899-1900. The fort was simply designed, with emplacements for four quick-firing guns, subterranean magazines, crew shelters and a few free-standing buildings. During World War I some temporary buildings were erected and by the mid-1920's most were in a poor state of repair. In 1922 two of the guns were removed to the practice battery near Sandwich Point. The remaining guns were still in place at the outbreak of the Second World War and the fort was manned for the first winter as an interim measure. In 1940 Hugonin Battery was taken out of action and the guns mounted at Strawberry Battery. Hugonin Battery continued to be used in other capacities by the Department of National Defense until the early 1990s.